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Board Leadership Training Program - Corporate Finance and Control Environment

Corporate Finance and Control Environment

Discussion Topic
• Corporate Finance

The boards should fulfil certain key functions including: overseeing major capital expenditures, acquisitions and divestitures
This module discusses the board’s role in corporate finance. By this module’s end, participants will be able to :
- Identify sources of corporate finance and their relative advantages
- Assess the critical issues associated with determining a company’s capital gearing, dividend policy, and valuation
- Use various capital investment appraisal techniques
- Identify financial crisis indicators

• The Control Environment

The board should fulfil certain key functions including : Ensuring the integrity of the corporation’s accounting and financial reporting system’s,
including the independent audit, and that appropriate systems of control are in place, in particular, systems for risk management, financial and o
perational control, and compliance with the law and relevant standars

This module examines the company’s control environment. By this module’s end, participant will be able to :
- Describe the control environment, board responsibilities, and informal controls.
- Identify the audit committee’s organization, roles, and duties
- Describe the contribution that external audit makes to sound corporate governance
- Discuss whistleblowing, current oversight concerns, and regulatory developments.

Agenda BLTP - Corporate Finance and Control Environment




Introduction  & Orientation Corporate Finance
1. Needs For Funds
2. Debt or Equity
3. Activity : Advantages, Disadvantages of a Public Listing


Coffee Break


Assess The Critical Issues Associated With Determining a Company’s Capital Gearing, dividend policy, and Valuation
1. The P/E Ratio
2. Major Transaction
3. Dividend Policy and Cost of Capital
4. Company Valuation


Lunch & Pray


Use Various Capital Investment Appraisal Techniques and Identify Financial Crisis Indicators
1. Capital Investment Appraisal Methods
2. Case Study



Describe The Control Environment, Responsibilities, and Informal Controls .
1. OECD Principles-Board Responsibilities
2. Audit Committee – Organization, Roles
3. Internal Audit, detailed duties of audit committee


Coffee Break


Describe the Contribution that External Audit makes to sound Corporate Governance
Whistleblowing : question, best practices


Course Evaluation
End of Course