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ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard

The ASEAN CG Scorecard

The ASEAN CG Scorecard is among a number of major regional initiatives under the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum1
aimed at raising Corporate Governance (CG) standards and practices in ASEAN, and enhancing the visibility and investment
profile of ASEAN publicly listed companies (PLCs) internationally. The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
(OECD Principles) were used as the main benchmark for developing the Scorecard, given its global acceptance by policymakers,
investors and other stakeholders. The assessment of PLCs by way of the Scorecard relies only on information which is publicly
available and which is easily accessible and understood. Starting the year 2012, the ASEAN CG Scorecard annually is employed
to assess CG practice of large listed companies in ASEAN. In each participating country, the top 50 listed companies based on
the rank of the Scorecard will be published. In addition, there is a plan to publish the top 50 listed companies at ASEAN level.
ASEAN PLCs are encouraged to use the Scorecard as a tool in their ongoing journey to improve their CG practices.
Since disclosure is the necessary feature to enhance CG practices, then it is imperative that companies develops their corporate
governance disclosure policies and practices. Objectives of the Training Program The overall objective of the training program is to
furnish training participants with in-depth understanding of the ASEAN CG Scorecard so they will be able to use it for enhancing
corporate governance disclosure policy and practice in their companies. In the end, this hopefully will initiate improvement in CG
practices of the listed companies. By the end of the training program, training participants are expected to be able to:

a. comprehend the structure of and the items contained in the ASEAN CG scorecard;
b. employ the ASEAN CG scorecard to self-assess the companies they work;
c. suggest improvements in corporate governance dislosure policies and practices at the companies they work.

Who Should Attend?
The primary targets of the training program are PLCs, banks, other financial institutions, State Owned Entities, and other entities
that manage public funding or obtain funding from the public. The primary target of training participants are:
- Commissioners in charge of overseeing CG policy and practice
- Directors/Senior Managers in charge of developing and implementing CG policy and practice
- Company Secretaries
- CG Consultants
- Institutional Investors

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