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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management
for Members of Corporate BoCs, BoDs and Senior Officers -

Helping members of BOCs, BODs and Senior Officers Understand Risk Assessment and Management in
Carrying out Their Roles and Responsibilities. Risk and Management for members of BOCs and BODs is an intensive one-day program on
internalizing enterprise risk management best practices for corporate leaders in Indonesia. Participants will be introduced to all kind of risks to
enable them to determine and recognize characteristic of each risk and how to mitigate it.

Members of the Boards are increasingly looking at Risk and Management as a field of vital interest to make it one of the top concerns of the BOCs and BODs. Installing a proper risk management system is one of the mandated responsibilities of a corporate boards, Risk and Management is a key element in any corporate governance process.

This course on Risk and Management gives members of BOCs, BODs and Senior Officers a better understanding of the subject matter and helps them carrying out their duties and responsibilities as a member of the board more effectively. The course covers the following topics:

• Sources of risk, including global risk
• Factors contributing to the increase of corporate risk
• A governance framework for risk assessment and risk management
• Identify risk control policy
• Crisis management: Role of the board in identifying and managing risk
• Overseeing implementation of board’s risk control policy
• Monitoring risk and setting-up compliance program
• Capital Adequacy Issues in Risk Management
• Risk Management Committee: Organizing the Board for Risk Analysis and Oversight
• Case Studies


Agenda Enterprise Risk Management

08.30 – 08.45


08.45 – 09.00

Introduction to the Course
Vita Diani Satiadhi,MM ( Executive Director IICD )

09.00 – 10.30
“1.30 hours

Introduction of Risks from The CEO and Board Perspectives
Speaker : Ir. Tony Roland Silitonga, MBA,MBM,DBAcan

10.30 – 10.45

Coffee Break

“1.30 hours

Governing Principles of Risks
Speaker : Ir. Tony Roland Silitonga, MBA,MBM,DBAcan

12.15 – 13.15


 13.15 – 14.45
“1.30 hours

Financial Risk Management
Speaker : Ir. Tony Roland Silitonga, MBA,MBM,DBAcan

  14.45 – 15.00

Coffee Break

15.00 -16.30
“1.30 hours

Identifying, Reviewing, and Evaluating Risks: Market & Operational Risks
Speaker : Prof. Roy Sembel Ph.D

16.30 -18.00
“1.30 hours

Legal and Regulatory Issues of Risk Management
Speaker : Suhunan M Situmorang, S.H

18.00 – 18.15


Course Evaluation
End of Course